We are proud of our business relationships

Being loyal to your suppliers and clients creates a close bond. A bond in which doing business together comes first. This results in a top-quality product and service.

Orange Planet makes choices for the long term, in which the brand, product and people are always central. We are not prepared to compromise on this. We would like to introduce you to some of our business relations:


Chris Donkers

Started out as a company that specialises in mascots, but has grown to become much more than that. Fun Experts developed the Orange Donkey mascot for Orange Planet.

“What began with the purchase of an Orange Donkey mascot costume, slowly transformed into a full-blown collaboration, in which Orange Planet does promotions with the mascot or supports good causes,” Donkers explains. “On the other hand, Orange Donkey is also a calling card for us, showing how a mascot can be put to use effectively. The collaboration has resulted in a win-win situation that serves to promote both companies. And perhaps more importantly, good causes are supported by the Orange Donkey concept!”


Lars Hermsen

DHL Parcel offers Orange Planet solutions for sending packages within the Netherlands and to other European countries, for both consumers and business clients.

“Orange Planet’s success is based on the fact that the company strives to make things easier for its clients,” says Hermsen. “Orange Planet not only offers a wide range of products and services, but it is also able to manage the entire supply chain, making its business partners more successful. At DHL, we share this ambition and face the same challenges in this demanding business environment. We overcome these challenges by being flexible, transparent and innovative.”


Alain Vermeulen

Vitaminstore is the modern health specialist. With more than 33 outlets throughout the Netherlands, a Vitaminstore is never far away. But of course you can also order our products quickly and easily online!

“Orange Planet is the ideal partner for us to sell our popular health products,
which are often promoted on television,” says Vermeulen.


Marcel Bennett

Bioenergiser is a direct-response marketing company, based in the UK, which develops, markets and distributes consumer products and has a proven track record dating back around 35 years. Bioenergiser offers successful products worldwide to TV, retail, online and mail-order organisations. The company’s goal is to supply innovative products with unique characteristics. Bioenergiser is the supplier of Circulation Maxx, a product that is classified as a medical device and one of Orange Planet’s bestselling products.

“Bioenergiser Ltd has worked with Orange Planet for roughly 10 years,” says Bennett. “We supply products to each other, through which we have recorded a number of significant sales and successes. The service we receive in the processing of our orders is amazing. Quality is what is needed and Orange Planet certainly delivers in that respect. Good communication is essential in any company and I know that we have this in abundance on both sides. Our activities are expanding every year and I know that we can build even further on our relationship and enjoy a bright future together.”