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Spring is the start of nature. We get longer days and better weather, making it the perfect time to clean the house. Many people therefore start spring cleaning during the spring and start the spring nice and fresh.

Spring cleaning will be easier

In the past, the winter was, as it were, brushed away in the spring. Spring was allowed to come in and the whole house was freshened up from head to toe. This was a chore and tools such as a carpet beater, mop, and ragweed came out to properly clean the house. But who now has time to clean for days? Fortunately, there are currently many handy products on the market that make cleaning easier, faster and more fun. Think of various aids such as mopping systems, steam cleaners, self-cleaning fluff brushes and handy dishwashing brushes

Is your range ready?

With the arrival of spring, we wonder whether your range is well prepared for spring cleaning? We like to think along with you, which is why we have exclusive deals on selected products for all our customers from today until Friday march 26th.

Household bestsellers

1. Molly’s Marvelous Flat Mop Mopping System Art. code MMF001
2. Hurricane Fur Wizard Self-cleaning lint remover art. code FUR001
3. H2O Mop X5 Powerful 5-in-1 steam cleaner art. code H2O014
4. Turbo Scrub Cleaning brush with rotating head art. code TUR003
5. Soap Dispensing Brush Dishwashing nylon brush with soap dispenser art. code SDB002
5. Soap Dispensing Brush Dishwashing sponge brush with soap dispenser art. code SDB001

Prepare yourself for spring cleaning

You can now purchase our bestsellers as a special Spring Cleaning offer. For special promotional prices and options, please contact Niels Verheijen, our Sales Manager. Or view and order directly on our B2B portal

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