Recycle for a greener planet

Recycle for a greener planet orange planet

More and more companies and associations are moving towards zero waste. Together with other local companies and associations in Dongen such as Stronk, football association VV Olympia ’60 and DVVC and hockey association MHC Liberty, we are committed to a better and greener future.

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Let’s face the facts, climate change is real. Climate change is a hot topic on the political agenda and a quick Google search results in a huge number of articles about rising sea levels, global warming and plastic soup. This all makes it increasingly clear that now is the time to make the right choices for a greener and ‘better’ world.


Reasons enough to make a contribution yourself, for example by properly separating our waste. If we separate our waste in the right way, it can be recycled properly and we can reuse it as a raw material. More and more municipalities are therefore also focusing on the separation of waste. This can differ per municipality, but glass, plastic, paper, residual waste and organic waste are separated almost everywhere.


While separating waste at home is the most normal thing in the world, it does not seem very popular with companies yet. The lack of the right information, communication and facilities for waste separation mean that employees do not know where to put their waste. As a result, the waste is not separated. The result: less good processing, which means that valuable useful materials are lost.

That’s a shame, because the intention is there. Research by the Dutch company SUEZ into waste at work shows that 83% of the respondents consider waste separation at work important, but that they do this better at home. And 50% of those surveyed indicate that clearer guidelines within the organization can help with this. In addition, 80% of the respondents indicate that installing waste separation bins is a good step towards waste separation at work.


We take climate change very seriously and have taken up various initiatives for this. One of these is separating waste and reusing materials. Throughout our company we have waste separation bins for paper, plastic, organic waste and residual waste. We also collect electrical equipment via Wecycle, shed used boxes as ‘in box’ filling material and reuse pallets.

In addition, we help local entrepreneurs, associations and foundations to separate waste in an easy and responsible way. We do this by making special recycling bins available for this purpose.


One of those foundations is Stronk. At this innovative youth workplace, customized objects are made for individuals and organizations and at the same time young people are guided in their personal development. In the broadly oriented workshop there is the possibility to work with wood, metal, electronics and 3D design. A good waste separation option is therefore also very important. “Thanks to Orange Planet’s donation, we are able to properly separate our waste streams, learning is old before it is done!” according to Mark Jonkers van Stronk.  


Other local associations such as: VV Olympia ’60, DVVC and MHC Liberty are also committed to a better future by separating and recycling waste with waste bins from our range . Because you can only make a difference together, we are happy to help other entrepreneurs and associations by making these trash cans available for free .

Are you enthusiastic after reading this article and do you want to contribute as an association or company? Then contact us quickly .