Meet Orange Planet #1 Niels

Meet Orange Planet #1 Niels

In our new #MeetOrangePlanet section, we introduce the faces behind Orange Planet to you. Niels, our sales manager, kicks off.

Thank you for participating in this interview, Niels. Tell us more about yourself.

Well, my name is Niels Verheijen and I just turned 40. I was born in Breda, but moved to Zundert for the love of my life. I have been living here for over 15 years with my wife and two lovely daughters. Also, I’m a loyal supporter of NAC and I like go for a run or to play soccer myself. However if the hustle and bustle at home and the weather permits.

So, a real family man, with a love for football?

Yes, I enjoy doing things with the family and I often do so. I also have had a season ticket at NAC for years and I try not to miss any game. I especially enjoy the conviviality and atmosphere there.

And besides all that, what do you like to do most in your spare time?

I like to mess around a bit, in the house, in the garden, chores. Etc.

And are you a handyman?

No, I’m actually quite clumsy and that’s why it usually takes a long time. But I always want to try everything. For example, 10 years ago I renovated the entire house from top to bottom. We then spent a year on that.

All by yourself?

Yes, with the help of friends and family and some professional persons. I enjoyed doing it, but I would never dare to do it all alone. Someone has to tell me how to do it, otherwise nothing will go right. Although it should not take too long, because I am quite impatient and I get bored quickly. So if it doesn’t work within two times, I’ll soon give up and do something that I can do.

Now a more serious question, what is your role at Orange Planet, and how long have you been working for Orange Planet?

I have been working at Orange Planet as a Sales Manager for 5 years now. In this role I am responsible for the sale of the entire range together with Ralf (CEO). This means offering the new and existing range to existing customers, collaborating with customers, coming up with promotions, and looking for new customers. In addition, I also act as a sounding board for market demand. We want to be known as trend watchers, so ultimately you will also hear what is going on in the field, what the good products are and what is coming.

And, what makes working here just that little bit different?

Well the assortment changes very often, so there is always a new challenge that you can get started with and you never have to get bored, because every month 10 to 20 new products arrive. Moreover, we have a very wide range. So you always have products by which you have the right feeling. In addition, with the wide range you can also serve a wide market, which I really like.

You said earlier “I get tired of something quickly.” Is the variety also one of the reasons that you have been working here for so long?

Yes, I think so. Every day is different here, the products change quickly and with that also the focus. For example, we have just completed the corona lock-down, in which all gyms were closed. We have a large home fitness range and therefore had to have all hands on deck to meet the enormous demand.

It might be a difficult question, but if you could choose one product from our range that you like best, what would it be?

The Mini heater, also called the plug-in heater. The ideal product for people who get cold easily, and since I am always cold, it suits me very well. You can plug it into the nearest outlet and it actually heats the area around it. I think it’s a nice product, because I like to use it myself in the office, and because it really is a seasonal product. The sales moment runs from December to March and well before that we must have already purchased the stock, and we also have to make sure that the stock is gone at the right time. The time pressure makes this product very fun and challenging. It is also a real success, because we have sold it in many places such as in supermarkets, in catalogs of foreign customers and online.

And do you think it will be a success again this year?

In a world that is getting smaller and a market that is getting faster, we see that successful trend products are easier to obtain. Nevertheless, I am sure there will be demand for it again this winter. Because, it is just a fun and useful product.

Thanks Niels! One last question: for what can we wake you up?

Well, for good food, sushi, or a good plate of spaghetti. Yes, you can wake me up for that. But I prefer to sleep through anyway, so just let me sleep.