Our Zumba products

See below for our bestselling products from the Zumba brand:

Zumba Step

The ideal workout to improve your condition through dancing

Use exercise to work on your lower body and burn off the calories with Zumba Step. No more visits to the fitness centre; with Zumba Step you can train at home. Ideal for burning off fat, losing weight and getting a more toned body.


Zumba Toning Sticks

Helps to burn off even more calories!

Zumba Toning Sticks are filled with sand, which gives them more power than other hand-held weights. So shake, move and Zumba your way to a sexy, slimmer and more muscular body!

Available in various weights.


Zumba Crossbody Bag

Offers sufficient room for all your needs

The Zumba Crossbody Bag is designed with a headphone ring, so you can listen to your favourite Zumba music. The bag, which was specially designed by Zumba, is made from sustainable material and is easy to clean. This lightweight bag is designed for sporting purposes but is also suitable for daily use, thanks to its trendy appearance.


Zumba Bra

Keep it movin’

The Zumba Never Stop Dancing bra has lace detailing and, due to its elastic waist band and adjustable straps, it is wonderfully comfortable to wear during Zumba lessons. The cups are removable.

Available in various types and sizes.


Zumba Tank top

Keep the party going

Zumba Tank Tops are made from lightweight material and are ideal for exercise/sport. This Never Stop Dancing Top is slightly fitted, has large arm holes for extra comfort and is short in length.

Available in various types and sizes.


Zumba T-Shirt

You can do it, put your heart into it!

This Zumba Love T-Shirt has a vintage look with athletic stripes on the sleeves. The shirt is longer than usual and has an easy fit.

Available in various sizes.


Zumba Jacket

Get cozy!

The Zumba ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ Mesh Zip Up Jacket is made from a lightweight mesh material, has a zip and pockets at the front and elastic detailing.

Available in various sizes.


Zumba Legging

Let’s workout!

The Zumba All Day Capri Leggings have a wide waistband and fit very comfortably. The leggings also lift and shape your body.

Available in various types and sizes.


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