Our Orange Gym products

See below for the bestselling products from our very own Orange Gym brand:


Everyone can create a varied workout with this set of two dumbbells!

Dumbbells are the perfect tool for muscle strengthening exercises. This set consists of two dumbbells of 15 kg each and can be adjusted to any training. Decide for yourself how hard the workout is by simply adding or removing weight plates. Train varied and effectively!



The folding exercise bike with back support!

With this unique, smooth and silent exercise bike, everyone can cycle slim at home and immediately work on improving health. How handy! With the 8 resistance levels there is an intensity level for every athlete. The Orange Gym X-Bike is the best and most compact fitness device to keep moving!



The multifunctional training accessory

With the Orange Gym Balance pad you can train your core stability and balance. The use of a balance pad is widely used for fitness, therapy, Yoga and Pilates exercises, balance exercises or meditation. Because a balance cushion is easy to use, you can also use it very well at home for a home workout.

Available in multiple colours.



The compact alternative to a large exercise bike!

Improve your condition and stimulate blood circulation by simply cycling with your legs or arms. Just place the mini-trainer in front of your chair and you can get started right away. Thanks to its compact size, the exercise trainer is easy to carry, so you can also use the chair trainer while working at the office.



Always the right support!

Make versatile and comfortable training possible with a fitness bench! The sturdy and multifunctional training bench from Orange Gym can no longer be ignored in the gym. With this adjustable fitness bench you can train different muscle groups such as your arms, chest, abdomen and back.



Train the whole body with this twist balance board.

With this balance trainer you can easily create an effective full-body workout at home with a high fun factor! The balance board is the perfect tool to work on more balance, flexibility, better coordination and condition. Due to the permanent rotation that you perform on the board and the balancing, your core, back, abdominal and leg muscles are activated.

Available in multiple colours.



A dumbbell with a special hexagon shape

By training with free weights you can effectively strengthen your entire body. Thanks to the countless exercises you can easily train every muscle in your body. The unique appearance of this dumbbell, namely the hexagonal hexagon ends, ensures that the dumbbells do not roll away during the workout. This way you can use the hex dumbbells with confidence while doing the push-ups.

Available in several weights.



Kettlebell with vinyl coating protects the floor

The Vinyl kettlebell from Orange Gym is made of cast iron and has a vinyl coating. This gives you a firm and comfortable grip and also protects your floor against bumps. Orange Gym kettlebells are available in different weights and are therefore suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.

Available in several weights.


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