Our Orange Care products

See below for the bestselling products from our very own Orange Care brand:

Anti Cellulite Cream

For shapelier contours

Orange Care Anti Cellulite Cream reduces cellulitis, also called orange peel skin, on legs, thighs and buttocks. It contains 100% natural active ingredients and is proven to be effective. The Anti Cellulite Cream also has a cooling effect!


Argan Oil

The oil of eternal youth

Argan oil, which is also known as the liquid gold of the desert, has various cosmetic properties. It strengthens the hair and gives it shine, it moisturises, nourishes and restores elasticity to hair. It also eases and reduces skin irritations, acne, eczema and stretch marks. It can even be used on weakened and fragile nails.



Offers support in losing weight

Orange Care Artichoke shots and tea makes use of the active substance Cynarine, extracted from artichoke hearts. The substance is known to increase and stimulate fast burning off of fat. Orange Care Artichoke products have a high fibre content, are beneficial to your intestinal flora and contain few calories.


Baba de Caracol

Snail slime for deep skin repair

Baba de Caracol Face Cream is based on a combination of the restorative substance allantoin, which is found in snail slime, and glycolic acid (hydroxy-acetic acid), which promotes natural peeling of the skin. Dead skin cells are removed carefully. At the same time, the cream ensures renewal and rejuvenation of the skin.
Also available as a Body Milk and Hand Cream.


Bee Venom

For naturally younger looking skin

Bee Venom Cream and Serum contain synthesised bee venom, bee’s wax and extracts of propolis, royal jelly, pollen and honey, which ensure the strengthening of micro-wrinkles, stimulates the cell metabolism and moisturises, cares for, restores and nourishes the skin tissue. Its anti-oxidising and anti-aging effect revitalises and cleanses the skin. Ideal for more mature, sensitive, oily and irregular skin.


BMI meter

Immediate results!

Measure the fat content of your body using this electronic BMI meter. You can then see exactly what results a diet or fitness regime are delivering. This has a motivational effect! The electronic BMI meter is simple to use. Before you take a measurement, fill in your details, such as your gender, age and weight. The device then measures your fat percentage. You can read this on the screen. The meter can store the details of 10 different people. It also includes a countdown timer.


Breast Firming Cream

Lifts and firms your breasts

Contains 100% natural active ingredients and is proven to be effective.


Caviar Cream

For softer, more radiant and more resilient skin

The name says it all: the chief ingredient of this cream is a refined extract of the natural product caviar. This extract is a complete cocktail of pure and concentrated marine substances, which significantly improves the skin’s rejuvenation process. Caviar Cream revitalises the skin, combats aging and dry skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and ensures a clear complexion.


Contact Gel

Universal gel for conducting electricity

Orange Care Contact Gel is specially designed to apply a layer to the skin that helps it to conduct electricity. Highly suitable for use with all electrical muscle stimulation equipment.
The gel contains glycerine.


Contour Patch

Offers effective aid in strengthening the skin

Orange Care Contour Patch is an innovative product for defining and strengthening the skin. The plaster contains the Iso-Slim complex; a powerful mixture of caffeine, carnitine and spirulina. This mixture helps to remove excess and unwanted cellulitis. In addition, Orange Care Contour Patch improves your contours.


Dragon’s Blood

The miracle from the tree

Dragon’s Blood is a hydroglycolic extract from the resin of the croton lechleri tree with countless beneficial properties for the treatment of skin. The resin contains taspine, which is known for its healing effect. In addition, its anti-oxidising effect is 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than vitamin E, due to the high content of proanthocyanidins. Dragon’s Blood is used for nurturing treatments of the skin, face and rest of the body, and is ideal for more mature, sensitive, oily skin types and irregular skin.



Take care of your hands or feet

Orange Care Treatments nourish and care for your hands or feet. They penetrate deep into the skin, moisturise, treat and nourish dry skin.
Available as an Exfoliating Foot Treatment, Intensive Foot Treatment and Intensive Hand Treatment.


Fire Balm

Provides relief and well-being

Fire Balm is a balm that contains essential oils and active ingredients, such as chrysanthemum extract, which immediately provides relief and well-being, in combination with natural active ingredients that regenerate, moisturise and condition the skin.


Five Minute Instant Facelift

Stimulates the skin matrix

Orange Care Five Minute Instant Facelift removes dead skin cells in an effective way and, in doing so, stimulates cell renewal, relaxes the skin and reduces wrinkles in the problem zones. The neuropeptides and other naturally active substances stimulate the synthesis of pro-endorphins to prevent euphoric muscle contraction of the skin (botox-like effect), which is responsible for the creation of expression lines. The ingredients reduce saggy skin, as well as restoring shape to the facial contours, hydrating, nourishing and restoring a healthy balance and firmness to the face.



Magnesium in liquid form

Various power sports make use of magnesium in powder form. This makes the hands rough and absorbs moisture on the hands. But the powder also has disadvantages. Apart from allergic reactions on the hands and/or face, it is also bad for the wood on the apparatuses and means that the cleaners have to spend much longer cleaning the floors. After years of research, it is now possible to produce magnesium in liquid form, which has exactly the same effect as powdered magnesium but is completely safe.


Jellyfish Venom

Wrinkles disappear thanks to jellyfish venom!

The Jellyfish Venom products: Age Repairing Gel Cream, Ampules and Eye Contour Gel are all formulated with the DBS (Deep Blue Sea) complex, a combination of marine ingredients, the most active of which being Jellyfish Extract; a rich source of fibrillin, a glycoproteïn that forms part of the skin’s elastic tissue and improves the structure of the face. Together with other active ingredients, this extract helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.


Snake Venom

Wrinklesssss disappear thanks to snake venom!

Snake Venom Face Cream and Serum are based on a polypeptide found in the venom of the temple viper snake. Clinical tests have shown that this substance reduces expression lines in the face and neck. Because your skin is given a rest, it starts to recover. The effect of Snake Venom is also reinforced by other active ingredients, such as collagen, elastin, retinol and Q10. The combination of all these ingredients produces an anti-aging effect in all skin types, but particularly in more mature skin.


Wax Strips

Easy depilation at home

Use the Orange Care cold wax strips for long-lasting and perfectly hair-free skin and the best skin care. This instant and ready to use depilation set guarantees a fast and comfortable hair removal treatment and even removes very short hairs less than 2 mm long.


Weight Loss Patch

Offers effective aid in losing weight

The plasters contain natural ingredients and offer a natural way to reduce fat absorption and fat storage from food. They also support the metabolism and give you more energy. Application in the form of a plaster ensures the smooth absorption of the active ingredients and a long-lasting cosmetic effect.


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