Our Konbanwa products

See below for the bestselling products from our very own Konbanwa brand:

Konbanwa Pillow

Sleep on a therapeutic pillow from now on!

The Konbanwa Pillow is filled with hollow plastic tubes that move with you, providing perfect support for your head and neck in any position. The plastic tubes help to dissipate heat and moisture quickly and effectively, so that the Konbanwa Pillow stays cool and fresh while you sleep. You can adjust the hardness or softness of the pillow to your own preference, using the zip on the side.


Cassia Seed Pillow

Cool in the summer, warm in the winter!

The Konbanwa Cassia Seed pillow is filled with cassia seeds which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, help to reduce stress, balance warmth and ensure relaxation. The grooves on the upper side of the pillow have a massaging effect and improve blood circulation. The Cassia Seed pillow is cool in the summer but warm in the winter, by switching to the other side of the pillow, where the grooves are filled with kapok seeds. The unique grooved design allows air to circulate well and improves neck support.


Box Pillow

Prevents neck and headache complaints!

The Konbanwa Box Pillow provides the correct support when sleeping on your back or side. The pillow fills the shoulder cavity nicely, ensuring an anatomically correct position and preventing neck and headache complaints!
You can adjust the hardness or softness of the pillow to your own preference, using the zip on the side. The pillow is made from 100% satin cotton and is anti-allergic and dust-free.


Air Pillow

Perfect support for the head, shoulders and neck!

The Konbanwa Air Pillow is filled with millions of micro-balls, which adjust to your movements while sleeping and continue to provide support. This means that your spine is always in the correct position. The three-pocket design offers extra comfort, regardless of the movements you make. Fantastic support for your head, neck and shoulders, which always fits like a glove. It helps to prevent head, back and neck pain. And it also brings relief to people who snore. The cover is made from breathable, durable spandex, which allows air to circulate, keeping you relaxed, comfortable and cool all night, every night.


Mondiaan Pillow

Wake up feeling refreshed on a Mondiaan Pillow!

The Konbanwa Mondiaan Pillow, which is also called a Bloom Pillow due to its matrix form, encourages air circulation so you always have a fresh pillow. It distributes weight optimally. The flower-shaped design, which is handmade, ensures that the pillow is filled optimally, providing the correct support for your neck, back and shoulders.


Bamboo Pillow

Bring nature into your home

The Bamboo Konbanwa Pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, which adjusts its shape to suit any position your take in your sleep. The pillow also provides support for your head and neck. The super-soft cover is made from natural bamboo fibres and fine cotton, supported by hundreds of woven pockets. The material promotes air circulation between the body and the pillow.


Soft Gel Seat

Makes any chair more comfortable

The Konbanwa Soft Gel Seat cushion offers extra support while sitting. The Soft Gel Seat consists of two layers of foam with gel in between for maximum comfort. On top of this, the cushion is finished with a layer of fleece, which makes it feel incredibly soft. The cushion can be used all year round and stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Use it at home, in the car or at the office, but it’s also perfectly suited for use in a wheelchair.


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