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Bioenergiser is supplier of LegEx and Circulation Maxx (Reviver). Working like an electrical muscle stimulator, these innovative aids have been specially developed to promote blood circulation in your legs, feet and entire body. No more tired and sore legs! Use the leg trainer during work or when you sit on the couch, whenever you want.

LegEX Leg trainer with remote control

Keeps your muscles active without any effort

Keep your leg muscles active without having to move yourself. You place your feet on the pedals, which then slide back and forth. It’s like a gentle stroll. Ideal for people who are not (any longer) so mobile.


Circulation Maxx ReviverĀ  Muscle Stimulator

Helps with swollen ankles or feet, poor circulation or other annoying ailments

Witch electrical impulses the circulation is stimulated and the supply of oxygenated blood is promoted. This is called EMS: Electronic Muscle Stimulation.


Circulation Maxx Leg Revitaliser

Improves blood circulation with electrical impulses

Reduce pain, swollen feet, ankles and improve blood flow and waste removal with EMS. The Circulation Maxx Leg Revitalizer has 25 different therapy programs and 4 self-adhesive gel pads for your back or shoulders.


Bioenergiser Vibration Leg Trainer

A relaxing acupressure massage at home for legs, feet and back

With a choice of 5 programs and 20 speeds, you can set the device completely to your liking. You can also turn on the acupressure massage heads for extra relaxation, for a wonderful foot massage.

Also available in black.


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