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Fur Wizard

Keeps your clothes fur and lint free!

With the Hurricane Fur Wizard you can easily remove pet fur and lint from your clothes, furniture or any other surface. Even the smallest pieces of fur and lint stick to this magnetic brush.

Not only is the Fur Wizard easy to use, it is also eco-friendly. Because of the self-cleaning base you can easily clean and re-use the brush, over and over again! The Fur Wizard makes removing fur and lint easy as never before.


Bavarian Edge

For sharp and shiny knives

Whether you’re a professional chef, a hobby chef or you just cook on a daily basis for your family: sharp knives are essential in every kitchen. The Bavarian Edge knife sharpener will sharpen and polish your knives in just seconds. Your knives will be all sharp and shiny again, thanks to the Bavarian Edge knife sharpener.


Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Makes cleaning easier!

This electric system puts an end to manual scrubbing and polishing!
The Hurricane Spin Scrubber produces 300 revolutions per minute! With its extendable handle, you can also reach higher surfaces. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is supplied with three brushes, which can be used for various purposes.


Hurricane Spin Broom

Cleans messy floors quickly and easily

The secret of the Hurricane Spin Broom lies in its triple brush technology, which spins using a cyclonic action. This enables the Spin Broom to sweep up anything with which it comes into contact and send it to the built-in dustpan. Weighing less than two kilos, the Spin Broom can be stored anywhere.



A professional steamer with patented technology!

The Tobi steamer works quicker than ironing! It is an upright and portable apparatus that removes wrinkles from various types of material. It also removes nasty smells from clothes, curtains, bed linen and other fabrics. Everything is smooth and fresh once more. Tobi also removes house dust mites. From denim to silk: Tobi removes wrinkles from clothes on the hanger and glides effortlessly over buttons, pockets, sequins and prints.


Fresh Air Ball

Air humidifier and air freshener in one

The Orange Donkey Fresh Air Ball increases air humidity and produces fresh air. It powerfully filters dust particles, flakes of skin, harmful bacteria and fungal spores from the air. The Orange Donkey Fresh Air Ball not only combats foul air but also spreads a delicious aroma when essential oil is added to it. The Fresh Air Ball with built-in LED lighting, which changes colour by itself, is an unmissable accessory for your home or office.



Wireless vacuum cleaner and mop in 1!

In front of the Mr. Siga Mop is the nozzle with which the floor is vacuumed. Behind this nozzle you attach the microfiber cleaning cloth so the floor will be mopped immediately after vacuuming. Dust and stains disappear in no time. And thanks to the replaceable suction head you can easily clean blinds and hidden corners in the house. Moreover, the device is easy to use and wireless!


H2O Mop X5

Lightweight and agile – cleaning for the whole house!

The 5-in-1 H2O Mop X5 is designed to clean all surfaces thoroughly and to help disinfect without the use of added chemicals. Extremely thorough cleaning for most types of floor. Superb results on marble, polished ceramic, carpet, stone, waterproof laminate and hardwood. Easy operation: with a single knob for various steam settings. The H2O Mop helps to remove pet odours and smooths wrinkles out of fabrics.



The solution against lack of space in the closet and in the suitcase

Place everything you want to store in the PackMate Flat vacuum bag, close the bag and suck the air out. Everything in the bag is protected against any kind of dust, mold and moisture, making PackMate ideal for under the bed or in drawers. Of course easily reusable.



This hand-sized sewing machine is perfect for at home or on the road.

You don’t need to have experience with large sewing machines to use Magic Stitch. The handy sewing machine is practical to use and you can often keep the garment on while you repair it. For example, consider the hem of your pants or dress. With Magic Stitch you can fix it in an instant.


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