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The revolutionary facial treatment!

DermaWand is a skin-care system that makes beauty specialists and/or cosmetic surgery completely unnecessary. The device produces a high-frequency pulse that stimulates the skin, driving blood and nutrients to the surface. At the same time, DermaWand produces enriched oxygen to oxidise and cleanse the skin. This very effective treatment reduces lines, wrinkles and ageing skin. In addition, DermaWand is highly suitable for repairing damaged skin, caused by acne, for example.



The rejuvenating facial gel!

Celltone contains snail slime extracts that have unique and healing properties. It reduces acne, wrinkles and even pregnancy stretchmarks and scarring. In addition, it makes the skin look young and radiant, and your skin feels silky soft after using the gel. The skin tissue is restored by the allantoin substance, which is found in snail slime. The glycolic acid promotes natural peeling, which removes old cells and rejuvenates damaged skin. Celltone’s natural ingredients combat the bacteria that cause acne.


Circulation Maxx

Improves blood circulation in legs!

Circulation Maxx Leg Revitaliser is a health aid that makes use of electric muscle stimulation technology. Circulation Maxx applies tiny electrical impulses to the soles of bare feet. The pumping movement of the muscles immediately ensures better blood circulation and, therefore, eases pain, swelling and other complaints. The electrical impulses mimic a walking motion in the legs, forcing the blood to flow better through the veins. This is especially useful for people who are less active or have mobility problems.


My Perfect Eyes

The quick fix for wrinkles

This eyegel is the perfect quick fix for wrinkles, dark circles and bags under your eyes. Within a few seconds you transform your tired look into a fresher and younger looking one!

My Perfect eyes is not an anti-aging cream that fights the signs of skin aging or tiredness, but a quick fix that will make these signs temporarily disappear. It takes just seconds to apply the gel to your skin, and the result lasts up to 8 hours!



Let your muscles relax and recover faster than ever

The Muscle Massage Gun is a massage device that helps you to massage your muscles yourself and ensures optimal relaxation so that your muscles will recover faster. With the massage device you stimulate the blood circulation in your muscles and loosen your muscles. This shortens the recovery time of your muscles, resulting in less muscle pain.



Airbrush foundation kit for silky smooth skin

Magic Minerals AirBrush Foundation by Jerome Alexander is the innovative foundation for the face. The spray foundation with airbrush effect provides the face with a radiant glow in no time and provides natural coverage.

But that’s not all, Jerome Alexander’s range also consists of other beauty products.



A potty, children’s toilet seat and stool in 1!

The Babyloo Bambino 3-in-1 Potty is designed with flexibility in mind and grows with your child. An ideal training tool to keep your child clean.



Let your skin shine again!

Baba de Caracol face cream is based on snail slime. Snails are able to repair and renew their own skin with their mucus. This snail cream rejuvenates the skin, fades wrinkles, crow’s feet, scars and acne, supports the skin’s natural recovery and gives you a young, radiant look again!



The reusable and durable mouth mask for young and old

The Koziol HI Community Mask is a light and comfortable mouth mask made of an elastic plastic and comfortable to wear when on the road, at work, shopping or going outside. By wearing this durable mask you show your social responsibility and protect yourself and your environment.


Easy Lift

Eyelid stickers that let your hanging eyelids disappear!

Easy Lift eyelid stickers make your drooping eyelids disappear in an instant and ensure a fresh, young glance! No eyelid correction required! Stick the eyelid tape on your eyelids, so that they are lifted. The eye tape is made of hypoallergenic material. When you apply your makeup over the eyelid stickers, no one will notice that you are wearing them.


Back Support Belt

Encourages you to adopt a new and healthy posture

The Back Support Belt is especially designed to provide posture support. The belt forces you to sit up straight and walk upright, alleviating daily stress and pain. The belt also contains magnets to improve blood circulation. The Back Support Belt is invisible under your clothes and is suitable for both men and women.


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