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Fix it with Fix Tape

Leaks, cracks and holes are easily fixed with Fix Tape. This ultra-strong water-resistant tape is the ultimate solution for repairs and chores in and around the house. Fix Tape sticks to almost any surface and is resistant to heat, cold and water. So if you need to repair something inside or outside the house: you can fix it with Fix Tape!


Miracle Door

Magnetic screen door that allows fresh air in while keeping insects out

Want to get some fresh air inside your house, but keep unwanted guests like bugs outside? Then you definitely need the Miracle Door. This revolutionary magnetic screen door is made of durable nylon mesh and supplied with 18 strategically placed magnets to keep the door in place.

You, your kids, your guests and even your pets can get in and out of the house easily. Whether you’re coming in or going out, the screen door automatically closes behind you so insects have no chance to get inside the house. Miracle Door fits all types of doors and can be easily installed without damaging your door frame.


Magic Paint Pro

No more drips or splashes!

The Magic Paint Pro prevents the drips and splashes of paint normally associated with old-fashioned rollers or brushes. Because the Magic Paint Pro is so easy to use, everyone can use it and you’re finished in a fraction of the time! The removable pads can be cleaned with water and re-used.


Pop N Play

Interactive cat toy to entertain your cat!

When cats get bored, they can engage in unpleasant behavior. You can prevent this by keeping cats busy and entertaining them until they are tired enough. However, if your cat is sometimes alone, this can be quite difficult. This toy can then be a godsend. The toys are specially designed to stimulate all of the cat’s senses. The unexpected movements and sound create an interactive game.


Flexi Sprinklers

The ideal sprinkler for every garden.

The Flexi Sprinklers can easily be mounted at any place in the garden thanks to the ground pins. Attach the ground spike to the sprinkler, connect the water, bend the heads in the direction you want and start spraying! It is also a fun water toy for the kids.



Say goodbye to pests in the garden!

Do you suffer from pests that destroy your entire garden? From now on, the Universal Animal Repeller keeps pests out of the garden in a healthy, environmentally friendly way. The Universal Animal Repeller emits ultrasonic waves as soon as the pest detects. These cannot be heard by human hearing, but can be heard by mice, rabbits, cats, squirrels, deer and other vermin. As a result, they will no longer dare to take a step in the garden.



Ideal for a summer or winter BBQ!

These high-quality, leather barbecue and cooking aprons are made in the Netherlands. The apron has room for three cooking utensils to make the BBQ experience complete! The Scotts Bluff leather barbecue apron protects your clothes while barbecuing. The neck strap is easily adjustable, so the apron feels comfortable around your neck. The Scotts Bluff apron is made from genuine cow’s leather and is available in several colours.


Night Stars

Enjoy beautiful lighting and a cosy atmosphere instantly

Laser Light – Night Stars is a decorative laser projector that is ideal for use both inside and outside! The projector is easy to place in the garden, next to the shed, the swimming pool or underneath the veranda. It’s also fun to use indoors, on a dance floor, for example. Because the Night Stars Laser Light is water resistant, it is the ideal replacement for Christmas lights. Available in different types, with or without remote control.


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