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Provides a pleasant warmth at any location with socket!

With the EM Mini Heater you can quickly warm up comfortably. Plug the handy device into the socket and feel the heat. The EM Mini Heater has a handy timer function!


Fix Tape

Fix it with Fix Tape

Leaks, cracks and holes are easily fixed with Fix Tape. This ultra-strong water-resistant tape is the ultimate solution for repairs and chores in and around the house. Fix Tape sticks to almost any surface and is resistant to heat, cold and water. So if you need to repair something inside or outside the house: you can fix it with Fix Tape!


Lizard Cam

Flexible inspection camera

Do you have a clogged shower drain? Or need to see behind your appliances? The Lizard Cam is here to help! This flexible, waterproof inspection camera can see where your eyes can’t. The camera is attached to a long, flexible cable and has a built-in LED light so you have good sight – even in dark places. The Lizard Cam is your extra eye for hard-to-reach places!


Couch Coat

A protective coat for your couch!

Are you tired of your couch being covered in pet fur, lint and stains? There’s an easy, quick solution now: Couch Coat! This big blanket protects your couch, like a coat, from dirt and fur. One side of the Couch Coat is beige and the other side is chocolate brown. This way you can easily switch colors!


Handy Lux

Convenient and atmospheric

Handy Lux are wireless lightbulbs, available in different colors. Not only are these lights very useful, they also create a nice atmosphere. Handy Lux is perfect to decorate your garden, to light up dark spaces in your house, for a party, a camping trip or any other occasion!


Card Guard

Protector Wallet

The Card Guard is a cardholder that protects your cards against thieves. The aluminum cover makes it impossible for thieves to use RFID-technology on your cards. And in addition, this cover protects your cards from bending and breaking. Besides 6 cards you can also deposit cash money or other things in this protector wallet.


Blu Breeze

Enjoy refreshing cool air anywhere!

Blu Breeze transforms stale, dry air into a cool breeze instantly. Fan draws dry, stale air through the evaporative filter & transforms it into a cool, humidified, refreshing breeze. Take Blu Breeze anywhere, it’s compact, portable & lightweight. Blu Breeze fits on any desk or countertop. Works with USB or batteries.



Handy mirror with 350˚ rotating lens

The HD Mirror Cam is easy to place over the current rear-view mirror in the car. two rubber brackets supplied. The built-in 2.5 inch LCD screen is incorporated in the mirror. Also, the HD Mirror Cam is equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker to record and play all sounds from the car and surroundings.


Air Dragon

Portable air compressor for instant air

If your tyre pressure is low, you need an instant solution. Air Dragon provides air immediately and doesn’t run on batteries; all you need is the 12V connection in your car! Air Dragon is easy to use and switches off automatically at the correct pressure. This portable compressor actually has a built-in digital tyre pressure meter. Air Dragon is also perfect for pumping up air beds, balls and inflatable pool toys.


Climb Cart

The shopping cart that negotiates stairs easily

The Climb Cart is constructed from sturdy stainless steel tubes and has a capacity of more than 30 kg. Thanks to its six-wheel design, the lightweight Climb Cart can be pulled up and down stairs easily.


Shark Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves

Handling sharp items, for example in the kitchen, can be dangerous. You can easily cut your hand but Shark Gloves remove that risk completely! Shark Gloves are made from nylon fibres combined with steel fibres, which protect the hands effectively. Shark Gloves are easy to use, just like normal gloves, which also makes them suitable for odd jobs!



A real eye catcher in your interior!

The combination of the best Italian leather and the plastic inner pot is a wonderful addition to your interior. The pots are produced entirely in the Netherlands and are available in various colours.



Provides a natural and healthy toilet posture

Research has shown that people are made to be squatting to defecate.
The Squat-n-Go provides the optimal squat position! The Squat-n-Go also reduces pressing and relieves constipation. The 7-inch folding stool has an exclusive foldable design for quick and easy storage.


Riddex Plus Charge

Allow Riddex Plus Charge to combat your pests

Riddex Plus Charge is based on a technology that makes use of digital electro-magnetic pulses. These are transported through the electrical wiring in the walls of your home, in order to reach the places where cockroaches, spiders, rats and mice live and breed. For additional ease of use, the Riddex Plus Charge has an extra power socket on one side and two USB ports on the other. The Riddex Plus Charge also has a light-blue nightlight.



A potty, children’s toilet seat and stool in 1!

The Babyloo Bambino 3-in-1 Potty is designed with flexibility in mind and grows with your child. An ideal training tool to keep your child clean.


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