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For perfect visibility while driving

By simply attaching Clear Vision to the sun visor with the handy clip, it can be turned to the desired height. It ensures that bright sun and oncoming traffic with bright lights are stopped. Eyes get the rest they need while driving. Clear Vision has two screens, the black screen for the daytime and the orange screen for the evening.



Verhelderende bril met LED lamp vergroot 160%

Wanneer een leesbril niet meer voldoende helpt, helpt de Big Vision Glasses Deluxe. Deze vergrotende bril vergroot tot 160% en maakt alles wat te klein is scherp, helder en groter. Hiermee zie je gemakkelijk de kleine lettertjes in de krant of op je smartphone en ook precisie klussen zijn weer gemakkelijk uit te voeren. Dankzij de heldere LED lamp heb je bovendien ook onder slechte lichtomstandigheden goed zicht.



Sunglasses specially developed for bright sunlight

The light from the sun is often bright and if you put on sunglasses, the vision often becomes poor or dark. With the HD glasses this is a thing of the past. These sunglasses have been specially developed for bright sunlight. Normal sunglasses darken your vision, but the HD Glasses sharpens your vision and prevents bright sunlight. The glasses are super handy, they even fit over normal glasses! So you don’t have to buy prescription sunglasses, only HD Glasses!


Lizard Cam

Flexible inspection camera

Do you have a clogged shower drain? Or need to see behind your appliances? The Lizard Cam is here to help! This flexible, waterproof inspection camera can see where your eyes can’t. The camera is attached to a long, flexible cable and has a built-in LED light so you have good sight – even in dark places. The Lizard Cam is your extra eye for hard-to-reach places!


Card Guard

Protector Wallet

The Card Guard is a cardholder that protects your cards against thieves. The aluminum cover makes it impossible for thieves to use RFID-technology on your cards. And in addition, this cover protects your cards from bending and breaking. Besides 6 cards you can also deposit cash money or other things in this protector wallet.


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