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The vibrating plate that trains your muscles in no time!

The Vibroshaper’s muscle stimulation ensures that almost every muscle in your body is exercised for a total body workout. The Vibroshaper Fitness plate vibrates in a random way. This makes each movement a surprise for your body, which has to adjust to each new vibration, resulting in an effective workout!



Keep your joints active without the effort of physical exercise!

LegEX is an automatic cardio device that’s designed to keep your legs active without you having to move. This exercise system has two motorized footplates that continuously move back and forth. This way your legs make the same movement as when you are walking. Use LegEX at work, or simply at home on the couch!



The ideal workout to improve your condition through dancing

Use exercise to work on your lower body and burn off the calories with Zumba Step. No more visits to the fitness centre; with Zumba Step you can train at home. Ideal for burning off fat, losing weight and getting a more toned body.


5 Minute Shaper

The all-in-one complete body shaping apparatus

Sit-ups place a lot of strain on your neck and back and a home trainer only trains the legs. The 5 Minute Shaper transforms your body from being flabby to strong and tight. It combines cardio with body strengthening to burn off fat quickly. The 5 Minute Shaper exercises all of your muscle groups at the same time. With a simple movement, you can exercise your entire body; back and stomach muscles, buttocks, legs and arms. The 5 Minute Shaper is suitable for people of all fitness levels.


Rock Gym

Rock Gym makes training simple, quick and effective!

The Rock Gym is a 6-in-1 total body shaping apparatus. Supported sit-ups, leg-lifting exercises, push-ups, body stretching, strength training, a good core workout and various resistance exercises; the Rock Gym does it all! It’s the perfect all-in-one training apparatus! The Rock Gym is also easy to convert into a bench at various angles, enabling you to carry out weight exercises! The Rock Gym is the most versatile training station for use in the comfort of your own home.


Twist & Shape

The ideal fitness device to train your stomach and buttocks!

Training with the Twist & Shape is very simple: step on, grasp the handles and begin to turn. The 240-degree turning movement helps to train your stomach muscles, effectively and simply. When you turn your upper body to the right, your lower body turns to the left. It’s a bit like wringing out a wet cloth. This turning motion burns fat, giving you a slimmer waist. But it also works on your buttocks, thighs, shoulders and arms.


Abtronic X2

Innovative fitness system to strengthen abdominal muscles

Train your stomach muscles with Abtronic’s proven EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology, a scientifically proven technique that creates active muscle contractions. The Abtronic X2 sends mild electrical impulses to the muscles, which then contract. At least 400 muscle contractions in just a single minute! The Abtronic X2 starts strengthening the stomach muscles immediately and produces visible results after just a couple of sessions.


Jump Up Deluxe

The nicest way to get fit

Doing exercises on the Jump Up trampoline improves your condition, metabolism and figure. The exercises affect more than 400 muscles. This means that you can train your entire body to improve your strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Just 10 minutes of bouncing on the Jump Up trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running and you burn up to 1200 kcal per hour! The strong and practical handle gives you greater security while bouncing.


Obsidian Slide Board Pro

The revolutionary workout that ensures tight buttocks, legs and stomach.

The forwards and backwards gliding motion strengthens your muscles quickly and extracts maximum performance from your body! Obsidian is made from HDPE! We have used this material to design a powerful training product, which makes every muscle group stronger within 6 to 12 weeks. The DVDs contain more than 100 exercises and each workout lasts 30 minutes.


Iron Gym Speed Abs

Fast training for your abdominal muscles

The only thing you need to do to get amazing stomach muscles is to push the wheel forwards and come back up again. The device is easy to hold onto, thanks to its pro-grip handles. The Speed Abs not only trains your stomach muscles but also your back, shoulders, biceps and triceps.


Iron Gym deurtrainer

Transform your door frame into a personal gym in an instant

The multifunctional training system with which you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups and arm and shoulder exercises. It strengthens and shapes your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, chest and stomach muscles. The sturdy steel construction supports up to 100 kg in weight.


Wonder Core Twist

Twist away the fat!

A integrated 360° precision rotating seat allows you to twist away the fat & take your Core workouts to a whole new level! Work out your arms, triceps, chest, back and even your legs.

Including adjustable resistance with indicator.


Total Fit Climber

Vertical climbing apparatus for a cardio and strength workout in one!

The Total Fit Climber works on all the major muscle groups to burn calories and build up muscles, enabling you to achieve maximum results in your own home. In particular, this total body workout ensures that your legs, stomach muscles, triceps and biceps get a good workout. But it also improves your overall condition! Compared to treadmills and cross trainers, the Total Fit Climber ensures that you burn off more calories.


Master Gym

Stay fit while you sit with the Master Gym!

Keep muscles and joints in your upper and lower body supple and strong by using the Master Gym. Making fluent movements activates your blood circulation, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. Master Gym also helps to improve your posture and balance. Among others, the Master Gym is ideal for older people and people who cannot walk or stand for long.


Abtronic X8

The ultimate way to get strong and visible abdominal muscles

Train your stomach muscles with Abtronic’s proven EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology, a scientifically proven technique that creates active muscle contractions. The Abtronic X8 stimulates your body muscles with more than 1000 contractions per minute. The Abtronic X8 has a revolutionary and sleek design that focuses on your six-pack through six stimulation modes and eight intensity levels.


Iron Gym Push Up Max

Take your push-ups to the next level

Take your push-ups to a higher level with the Iron Gym Push Up Max! These rotating push-up grips will make your workout more challenging and more intensively.
The Push Up Max makes sure your arms and shoulders move naturally while exercising. And in addition you can target your muscles in a more specific way because of the rotations. The Push Up Max is delivered as a set with the rotating push-up grips, two elevation racks and two instability discs.


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